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How does the oxygenbar work

We get this question a lot: How does the oxygenbar work?

How does the oxygenbar work?

The oxygenbar is equipped with oxygen concentrators that filter the oxygen form the air in the room. It leaves the nitrogen out. This way we’ll increase the level of oxygen from the normal 23% to 90%. The bars also feature aroma stations, where your guests can select their favorite aroma. We have something to suit every taste in our wide range of aromas. We pump the clean oxygen through the aroma stations into a headset. Through the headset you will inhale the clean oxygen combined with your favorite aroma.

Our luxury Italian-designed oxygen bars can be set up at any location. We will arrive at your event in plenty of time to set up the bar.

Our well-groomed and well-trained personnel will help your guests to fully enjoy this truly unique experience. Guests who are waiting their turn will be provided with information about the next session and about the beneficial effects of oxygen.

What will I feel?

The oxygen bar has a positive, recuperative and therapeutic effect. It does not feel in any way over-powering, rather very pleasant and refreshing. Read more about the benefits.

How long does a session last?

The sessions last about 10 to 12 minutes each.

Is it safe?

Yes, our oxygen bar filters the oxygen from the immediate surroundings. The oxygen-rich air (± 90% oxygen) can be breathed in easily. The flow of oxygen shuts off automatically at the end of each session, meaning that no oxygen is stored for further use.

how does the oxygenbar work