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In addition to the oxygen bar’s fabulous design and its high entertainment value, the oxygen bar also has an educational function. We call this combination of education and entertainment ‘Edutainment’. Our personnel will both entertain your guests and inform them of the benefits of the oxygen session.


Why is oxygen so good for you? Nowadays, people actually take in too little oxygen in general. This is mostly due to pollution and the greenhouse gas effect. During a 12-minute session at the oxygen bar, your body takes in 93% pure oxygen as opposed to the normal level of 23%. This leaves you feeling extremely fit and refreshed. The oxygen cleans out your lungs and allows the body to recover. It also increases your concentration levels and makes you feel wonderfully relaxed. But there are even more benefits to inhaling almost 100% pure oxygen.
We will reveal those when we see you at your event! Ready for the ultimate oxygen experience?


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