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The Oxygenbar

Our oxygen bar is the most exclusive bar in the world. That is also why we fly our bars to events anywhere in the world.

You can recognize our oxygenbar by the futuristic design and the high level of entertainment. Because we have over twenty different kinds of bars, we can always the deliver the bar that is most suitable for your event. We have a four-seater oxygen bar for smaller events, at which four people can be seated per oxygen session. While in use, our personnel will explain how the oxygen bar works to the other guests. For larger events we would recommend the six of eight-seater bar. This bar comes with extra staff and can accommodate up to six / eight people at a time. This bar is most suitable for events with more than 100 people in attendance.

No matter which bar you choose, you can be sure that the will be accompanied by our good looking and professional staff. We only work with the best medical equipment that is available in the world and the finest aromas.

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