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business events

The Oxygen bar at business events

Over more than one thousand businesses have rented our oxygen bars at business events. Most of the time it’s for staff parties. The oxygen bar provides an unique experience where your
colleagues can talk the each other in a relax atmosphere. It adds the wauw-effect to your party!

But our oxygen bar is also the attraction of the event at an opening, a product launch, brand activation and kick offs. You can say that whenever you want to impress your guests, the oxygen bar is suitable! Your event has to be different and we will make sure that your event will be a great success!

business events

 The Oxygen bar at your festival

The last few years we are receiving a lot of requests from festivals. An oxygen bar at your festival is a guaranteed success and will pay itself back most of the time. If you want we can also arrange a complete wellness area. Please contact us for more information!